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Mountain Poppy’s Autumn Gift Ideas for 2022

Mountain Poppy’s Autumn Gift Ideas for 2022

Maybe you were invited to a housewarming gathering and need a festive gift, or possibly your kid’s best friend’s birthday is soon. Regardless of the occasion or receiver, Mountain Poppy Boutique & Gift has plenty of autumn gift ideas!

The best part is: there’s something in it for you too. To the right of all the fabulous knick-knacks, purses and jewelry is Mountain Poppy’s Wine Bar. Enjoy a relaxing glass of Pinot and a specially-made charcuterie board before heading home with your loot.

Halloween: The Best of Our Autumn Gift Ideas

Fall and Halloween are almost synonymous at this point. You can’t have pumpkin spice without carving pumpkins; falling leaves need a plastic skeleton to flutter down on. Therefore, we could not have autumn gift ideas without Halloween editions.

This is the year of the gnome. They’re gnoming everything—from witches to warlocks, ghosts and even Frankenstein’s monster; these cute creations are perfect decorations for years to come. Mountain Poppy has a variety of options in stock so that your autumn gifts are trendy and cute!

But if you’re more of a simple autumnal decorator, perhaps opt for some ceramic pumpkins with designs of leaves carving out the texture. For Halloween fun on the go, check out the purse and wallet selection!

Reading Materials, Drinking Materials and More!

Whether you’re shopping for a friend or getting something nice for yourself, you won’t be disappointed in Mountain Poppy’s plethora of gift options.

Upstairs holds a whole new section of books to choose from. You can color with Bob Ross, learn from Keanu Reeves and practice mindfulness with puzzles books. Mountain Poppy carries the “Unf*ck” series for inspiration on healthier habits to adopt. There are pens and notebooks for note-taking too! So, when the first dusting of snow arrives this fall, there are plenty of options to keep you and your loved ones occupied.

Take the wine bar home with you for added luxury to your 2022 autumn. Explore the fun glasses, wine stoppers and charcuterie displays that will leave your friends envious of your unique tastes. Even though it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, there are mugs for coffee and tea as well to satisfy those morning cravings.

Keep in mind that Mountain Poppy Boutique & Gift holds monthly Sip & Paint classes! This is a fun way to spend some time with friends, get crafty and enjoy a drink of your choice. The spots fill quickly, so make sure to stay up to date on their Facebook page for the latest details.

Knick-Knack Central

This has barely scraped the surface of all the wonderful autumn gift ideas in stock this year. Consider some cozy clothing, fun wall decorations, unique lighting options and comfy blankets and pillows so you can live in the lap of luxury! Mountain Poppy Boutique & Gift takes pride in being a one-stop shop for all gifting needs. No guest should ever feel stressed about choosing the right thing for their mother-in-law or new neighbor. If you can’t decide, consider taking a break at the wine bar while thinking th

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